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Norms | 2015-02-05

Functionality through cable systems

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Top-level expert committee of the ÖVE develops practice-oriented solutions for cable systems with functional integrity for emergency lighting systems.

According to ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8002, section 5.4 (1) electric cable systems of emergency lighting systems have to dispose of a functional integrity of at least 30 minutes. However the parts of the final circuits, the failure of which doesn’t result in an impairment of other sections, are excluded. But the practical implementation of this request leaves a relatively large room for interpretation.

As a matter of principle the question arises, what shall be understood by an impairment of the safety lighting in case of fire and whether other or downstream areas are always synonymous with fire zones. The developed technical interpretation is intended to clarify those questions and realize solutions that are acceptable from a safety related but also economic point of view. Various alternative versions are shown with several examples.

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