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Products & services

Our products and services are supposed to do one thing in particular: meet your requirements with certainty! We would be pleased to assist you with your project.

Your expert on-site

30 years of experience in emergency lighting for your safety

To be honest, we don't remember anymore how many emergency lighting projects we've completed in the past years together with our clients and partners. But we do know one thing for sure: we've built up an enormous range of experiences in the field of emergency and safety lighting systems and don't let ourselves get worked up easily. Therefore we confidently call ourselves: EXPERTS FOR EMERGENCY LIGHTING.

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Service & maintenance

You decide who is maintaining your emergency lighting facility

How an emergency lighting system has to be maintained and repaired is regulated by law. We are more than happy to support you with this responsibility and help you concentrate on the essentials.

Of course we're also available on-site for you on weekends and holidays, a reassuring feeling.

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Emergency lighting "in beauty"

High-Tech materials, patented technology, guaranteed safety – and yet no visible electronics housing or visible light elements. Only an evenly illuminated pictogram, which is integrated discreetly into the predefined architecture. The luminaires series STRING ARC consists of light-panels in individual sizes, as well as stripes and spots in different light colours.

As an architect noticed surprised: (…) they also exist in beautiful versions! (…)

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Unconspicuously beautiful - conspicuously visible

Imagine, you only see a light panel with a circumferential, transparent glass frame. Imagine you realize your night-time and energy saving illumination with safety luminaires that are fully integrated in this light panel. Imagine the architecture of your building comes into full focus.

What a beautiful idea – STRING.

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Simply safe

The Swiss army knife of the emergency lighting world*.

A standardized quick-mounting base with LED lighting inserts and mounting accessories for every conceivable application. With the CONCEPT luminaire range you don't only optimise your construction but also it's maintenance.

*of course developed and produced in Austria.

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Tough requirements. Precise solutions.

Whoever offers 50.000 hours of full warranty for luminaires mounted in humid, wet rooms, at all temperatures outside or in environment with challenging, mechanic requirements, must be completely confident.

We're sure that the emergency and safety escape sign luminaires of the INDUSTRY-line fulfill even the most difficult requirements.

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Emergency luminaire without architectural compromises

Completely integrated in the handrail the TUBE meets the requirements of an emergency lighting  in conformity with the standards. You have complete freedom regarding mounting variants, light characteristics and can mount the TUBE in all materials.

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Individudal solutions

Whenever standard isn't a solution anymore !

Design follows the function. Function in turn follows...well, in fact, what ? Your requests. Whenever no standard solution seems to be adequate, we develop a worldwide unique solution for you. There are always possibilities to be distinct without having to cut back on safety. Reveal us your ideas!

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