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Emergency luminaire without architectural compromises

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The TUBE LED-handrail luminaire has been developed in close cooperation with leading architects and  electrical engineering consultants and represents a completely new approach, not only in the field of emergency and safety lighting.The TUBE-luminaire range can be used both as an emergency lighting according to  ÖNORM EN 1838, as well as to fulfill TSI requirements as HiT (handrail with integrated tunnel safety lighting).  

Thanks to the design of the LED-handrail in IP65 protection there are also no limits to freedom in design in outdoors. In this way innovative applications like the illumination of sidewalks and cycle paths on junctions or the illumination of bridges can be implemented harmoniously.

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Convincing through reality

Excellent references that speak for themselves

Koralm Railway Graz - Klagenfurt

For the expansion of the Baltic-Adriatic Sea corridor the Koralm Railway between Graz and Klagenfurt constitutes a significant part. Constructor: ÖBB..Electrician: Siemens Bacon (now: ELIN)..Planner:...

Office building

The modern workplace in Ampass is an eye-catcher during the night for all passers-by thanks to the green accent lighting without wasting energy unnecessarily. Architect: Christoph Schwaighofer ZT GmbH...

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