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What is important

What is important regarding emergency lighting can't be answered with just one word. Several main factors interact and are more or less important in different project phases. Find out here what you can expect anyway.

Support service on site

The right information at the right time in the right place

Sometimes it's a good feeling to have an expert on your side. A consultant with years of experience, whom you can trust and who can provide you with advice and assistance - in your vicinity, whenever you wish.

In order to realize emergency lighting in conformity with law, in accordance with the current state of the art, what counts, besides know how, is above all a good network with professionals and authorities.

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Maximum flexibility

Freedom thanks to switching mode

You want to waive "too much" light in your presentation room, multimedia room or wellness area, but not safety ?

Safety lights and escape sign luminaires can be controlled individually - if desired automatically - without any additional expense (continuous light, stand-by light, dim light). In emergency mode the lamps automatically switch over to the standardized illumination intensity. That way you 're safe and as flexible as possible at the same time.


Is your project unique and therefore also requires something unique?

No building is like any other. Emergency lighting also needs to cope with very different requirements - from technical to aesthetic aspects.

With customized solutions, you should be able to rely on all relevant norms being observed and the central protection objective of emergency lighting being reached - saving human lives in case of emergency. Individuality and safety don't exclude each other.

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Product quality

Reliability for the whole life cycle

Quality knows no compromises, particularly when it comes to human life! For emergency and safety lighting impeccable quality at the moment of delivery as well as guaranteed functionality during the whole life cycle is a must.

Besides quality, you can also expect not only production in your nearness - in Austria - but also compliance of extremely high social production standards.

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50.000h-full guarantee. Without asterisk (*).

Emergency lighting should be long-lasting, reliable and as maintenance-free as possible - without fuss or quibble. 50.000 hours full guarantee mean no annoying exchanges of lights and electronics or, in other words, 5,7 years exemption from resulting costs for you! It makes no difference if your luminaires are in long-term or in stand-by mode. Plenty of experience and highest manufacturing quality are condition for this promise. Relax and attend to other things.

5,7 years exemption from resulting costs on lamps and systems is at the same time an exemption from sorrows for you.

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100% safety with only 20% energy input

Energy is a valuable asset, which everybody of us needs to be economical with. Modern LED-emergency lighting can't only berun very efficiently, if used as night and basic lighting in every building additional savings potential becomes accessible. Without any further investment.
Give yourself and the environment a treat!

Service and maintenance

Total commitment for your safety

Only one thing counts for you - full functionality and safety- day by day. What really counts during maintenance of your emergency lighting system, is an expert on your side you can rely on. Somebody who takes quick action when you need him. A partner who knows you and who adapts to your requirements.

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